Eddie Hobbs Financial Practice Services


Financial Planning & Budgeting

At life’s major events whether expected, like retirement, or unexpected like illness, divorce and death, experienced and common sense, fresh financial planning is a must. This service takes a holistic overview of all assets and liabilities, income and expenditure and, with close involvement from the client, develops a plan for the immediate future.

Balance Sheet Overviews – Asset Allocation

The mix of assets in a balance sheet, more than any other single factor, drives the future performance and end result. This service takes a strategic overview of the asset mix to challenge over concentration, for example on geared property or the local economy. The objective is to tweak the balance sheet to position it to get a higher return at a lower rate of risk by improving the diversification. It is not the number of eggs you have in the basket but the degree to which they are uncorrelated which is the key.

Fund Cost & Performance Examinations

There is nothing that cannot be made just a little cheaper and just a little worse but the financial product and fund industry is positively bristling with excessive charges, many of them hidden and opaque, totally beyond the capacity of consumers to spot and which, unless addressed, will act as a drag on results. This service forensically digs into existing investments, pensions, debt and insurances to get much better bang for buck.

Defensive Positioning Against Global Risk

The jury is out on whether or not the huge global experiment by Central Banks in money printing will succeed in avoiding a fresh Global Financial Crisis (GFC), this one considerably worse than the Lehmann Bros collapse in September 2008. This service looks at the steps that can be taken to hedge a balance sheet against either a major deflationary event or a breakout to high inflation.

Preserving Capital

The risk of cannibalising capital to preserve lifestyle costs has risen dramatically as we entered a prolonged period of ultra-low deposit interest rates and bond yields ( which support pension payments). This service looks at how to generate the desires income without taking excessive risk that could, otherwise, lead to financial ruin.

Examining Value for Money on Risk Products, Life, Serious Illness & PHI

Price changes for personal insurances like lifecover, permanent health insurance and serious illness change regularly due to product developments and bouts of price competition. This service looks at existing covers to test them for best current price with the objective of saving potentially substantial sums over the years ahead.

Reconstructing Large Pension Schemes to Get Better Efficiences and Choices

Lots of staff & management pension schemes are soaked with high charges and costs some of which are hidden because of the opaque products that domestic Life Offices and Financial Brokers use. These are designed to distract attention from the drag effect of costs on performance. This service delves into existing schemes, reconstructs them to lower costs and drive up performance for members. That means bigger final pension funds.

Advising Self-administered Pensions Trustees on Investments

SME owners frequently bypass the conventional pension product market entirely and set up DIY pension schemes for themselves. Often the results are not matched to the initial expectations either due to strategic investment errors or inertia. This service helps SME owners to get better results from their endeavours and from alternative assets.