Tell us about you

Tell us a little about you. This helps us both get past the getting-to-know-you bit and straight into advice. What follows is a series of short prompts, just tick which one’s are on your mind. The following is required by the Central Bank of Ireland before advice may be provided.

The orange progress bar will tell you how far you are in zipping through the process. Once done we can then, generally respond quite specifically including outlining how we can help and how much that might cost. This process can be completed on our secure website or if

you prefer just print off (here) fill in and post to Hobbs Financial Practice Limited Unit W9A1 Ladytown Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co.Kildare, W91 T211.


Form Steps

Step 1: What’s on your mind?

Step 2: What is your experience?

Step 3: What I owe and own

Step 4: What’s your appetite for risk?

Step 5: Contact details

What you will need before starting

Although not necessary it would be handy to have your most recent financial statements providing data on your income, loan balances and valuations on financial investments. The rest is generally in your head eg. current property values etc. You do not have to be spuriously accurate, rounded guesses will do just fine for the time being.