Our process

How to become a client

Step 1

Discovery: Getting to know you

This is where you tell us about yourself and what you are trying to achieve. You will most likely have completed a summary for us in advance giving an insight into what you own and owe, your lifestyle costs, your previous financial experience and your risk tolerance. Getting this to us in advance means we can move readily on to advice.

During this step, we will tell you how we operate.

Step 2

Planning: Research & report

Quite often we’ll need to chase down some key details missing from your file, such as fund strategies, charges and borrowing costs. During this process, we always look for ways of saving costs on over-priced financial products where we can.

We’ll know from Step 1 what your financial ambitions are. They could be as simple as preserving your capital, growing your assets faster, repositioning your pension fund, or getting you set up for retirement. Whatever the ambition, we typically put together a stable of asset managers with appropriate skills and characteristics that fit you. We are big on having a diversified mix of uncorrelated assets to reduce choppiness.

Where there are gaps or deficits, we’ll point them out and show how to protect against premature death and ill-health with life and health insurances. If we think some direct physical assets like investment in social housing or gold bullion storage makes sense, we’ll introduce these. If we think your bank is relatively unsafe in the event of another global crisis, that will top our agenda.

No strategic review is complete without looking at tax; if we think you could benefit from Irish and EU tax schemes as part of the solution we’ll introduce these along with appropriate, but arms-length, tax experts.

Step 3

Discussion: Presenting to you

You can expect a customised written report with important attachments by email or by post so that all our advice is formally presented. We will communicate whenever possible in plain English to drill past the opaque jargon.

Step 4

Execution: Implementing the plan

Our team of financial experts offers a bespoke advisory service to get you where you need to be. We will:

  • Prepare the paperwork for you
  • Process the relevant application forms
  • Follow through each to completion
  • Advise you once everything is in place
Step 5

Follow-up: Monitoring progress

You’ll receive our regular Outlook report that will keep you abreast of the latest economic happenings. It will help you look past the headlines and interpret events with a more long-term perspective.

Our team of financial experts are available by phone, email, Whatsapp, or in person at our office at any time you want to review your plan. While we monitor asset performances, there is no substitute for staying in touch, especially if things change in your life. We are available throughout the week and not just during conventional office hours!