Wealth Management

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Whether you’ve sold a business, won a windfall (hopefully the Lotto!) or received an inheritance, a new set of challenges arrive. How do you diversify your wealth in a way that protects it from large capital losses on the one hand, but grows it to outrun inflation on the other? It’s the type of question only experience can answer, and with decades of industry experience behind us, we are positive we can answer all your questions!

Our wealth management strategy

We don’t believe in keeping all your eggs in the one basket, no matter how many eggs you have!  Neither do we believe that the number of eggs equals safe diversification.  It’s all about reducing risk by having an investment portfolio distributed under different pressures and stimulus.

That is why we pull together a group of top global asset managers to fit an investment strategy around you and to which they’ve responded after we’ve issued a request for proposals built around you.  We closely manage this group on your behalf while reporting to you regularly on how each is delivering on the targets we have set.

We choose this strategy of wealth management because it introduces a healthy dose of competition between managers who know that they must continue to perform if they are to be retained by you.  Our role is to ensure the numbers get crunched so you can enjoy your life stress-free.

The personal touch

Wealth management is a wide, encompassing, and holistic service with many benefits.  We believe, above all else, that a personalised approach with a strong foundation of trust and common understanding is crucial.  Here’s what you can expect from our approach to wealth management:

  • High touch contact: We are at your service to find solutions to financial puzzles in areas such as taxation, tax residence, security and passing on wealth to the next generation.

  • Jargon busting: We break down complex and lengthy valuations, reports and economics that accompany output from asset managers, so that you can make sense of it all.

  • Risk assessment: We customise the trade-off between the volatility that comes with risk and the returns so that you can sleep at night because it has been built to fit you.

  • Legacy wealth management: We guide you through managing the expectations and wants of adult children and their partners so that you retain control until you are ready to cede some of it. We can also help you pass on knowledge and training to the next generation about handling wealth that they haven’t earned through hard experience.

  • Investment advice: We teach you the principles of how the world of investment works at a pace you can absorb and to an extent that interests you. You can keep a light touch on your investments or dive into the detail - whatever suits you.

  • Headache reliever: We make it easier for you to get on with living your life without fretting about money, markets, risks and what happens next.

Our take on wealth management

Wealth doesn’t come with a set of instructions. The world of assets has changed, with more volatility and a pattern of violent boom and bust cycles that is exacerbated by how Central Banks try to influence economic cycles. It means more moving parts and less reliance on consensus thinking, which was the type of lemming behaviour that has destroyed wealth in the past.

It is not the number of eggs you have in the basket but how they behave as a group, ideally not correlated to each other so that if one asset class is facing a headwind, another is benefitting from tailwind.
Managing wealth isn't a destination but a journey. It is a lifelong learning experience, but one that ought to consume as little time as possible, so you can get on with what really matters most in life, your family, your friends and your legacy.

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