Retirement Planning

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Every day could be the weekend when you retire, which is why you need to be really savvy about how to financially plan for it! Whether your retirement is a long way off, just around the corner or you are already in retirement trying to stretch out your funds out to match your life, we will help you with a bespoke retirement fund portfolio that is right for you and right for the current economic backdrop. No opaque jargon, no accountancy buzzwords – this is retirement planning in a language you can understand.

The Smart Retirement Plan

At Hobbs Financial Practice, we take an agile approach to retirement planning.  In simple terms, our approach has three main focuses:

  1. Fit Retirement Funds into your financial situation and your expectations for the future.
  2. Find the most effective way to capitalise on current economic conditions.
  3. Smart repositioning of your funds to get the highest returns at the lowest risk to optimise performance.

At Hobbs Financial Practice, we believe you should work closely with your retirement funds and not put money in a pot and forget about it until the retirement party begins!  We encourage a proactive approach to guide your savings through financial storms and doldrums.  Our team will help you bolster your savings with economic insights, industry knowledge and experience, keeping your funds warmed for when you need it.  Pensions as we once knew them only now exist in Public Sector contracts, the Old Age Pension that you pay for with PRSI and the handful of Defined Benefit schemes not yet closed in the private sector.  How you go about planning for retirement has fundamentally shifted.

Five ways we bring value to your pension fund

  • Test the strategy to make sure it is not taking unnecessary risks.

  • Crush costs so that these do not drag your returns.

  • Bust range anxiety so you can see how long funds can cover your retirement lifestyle.

  • The personal touch, no office only hours, we are always at the end of the phone.

  • Finger on the pulse, we keep you informed about important economic impacts through our proprietary client bulletins as big events arise.

Our take on pensions

The rules of the game have changed. Private pensions are history. Gone are the days when you could rely on guaranteed incomes. These now really only exist for public contracts, the rest of us are under our own steam. Your retirement is dependent on how much you’ve built up in savings, how it is invested and how much you can safely pull down each year, without cannibalising the remaining fund.

Finding out how things really work, after retirement is too late. There are also too many people out there treating you like a mushroom to be kept in the dark about a) what your fund is holding b) what is the risk of nose bleeding falls and c) how excessive costs drag on performance. It’s an opaque area with many pitfalls, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our approach is to shine a light into dark corners, eliminate any excessive risks and costs and guide you to your objective as smoothly as possible. We will remain at your shoulder to guide you through retirement and beyond, that is our commitment.

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Get on the right track for your future

We are living longer, so being savvy about retirement funds is a must if you want to avoid running out of funds before running out of life.  The State is set to extend the retirement age for pensions into the late 60s and can only be relied upon to get you modest weekly income.  No matter what stage of life you are at, today is the right day to start a better plan for when your earned income stops.