Personal Financial Planning

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What are your unspoken life goals? Personal financial planning is how we help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals by helping you decide what are your priorities when you’ve limited resources while opening the door to fresh opportunities. With our experience and knowledge at your fingertips, you can get clued in on how to make extra gains in investments and pensions, huge savings in taxes and put an end to unnecessary costs across life insurance, income replacement and insurance related to debts. Let’s start planning for your future today!

Make your life goals our goals

Did you know that you can pay just 10% tax on the first €2 million from the sale of your company?  Or that you can live abroad for 10 years in a warm sunny climate with cheap living costs and get all income paid to you tax-free?  Half the battle of smart financial planning is having access to information that is accurate and up-to-date.  This is where we bring real value to you!

Your detailed personal financial plan

Your personal financial plan is just that, personal.  However, it is important to take a wide view of the market and your place in it to truly understand how the current economic situation directly affects you and your future.  We take a holistic approach to personal financial planning, taking into consideration your current financial situation, your goals and the economic weather conditions.  This is how we can not only help you manage your finances effectively, but also identify unrealised opportunities and savings applicable to you.


Do you have financial questions you are struggling get answers to?

  • How do I restructure to deal with separation, divorce or the premature death of the lead financial decision-maker?

  • How much and into what long-term strategies should I invest to meet my retirement goals?

  • How do I avoid balance sheet destruction from excessive risk or investment debt next time there’s a global financial crisis?

  • What do I have really? What would a detailed audit of my financial assets reveal on costs dragging returns, on risks and better alternatives?

  • Have I been taken to the cleaners on hidden costs and charges and what can I do about it?

Our take on financial planning

Financial Planning really is about reorganising scarce resources to achieve life’s goals, whether it is short-term like securing a home for your family or, later, having sufficient financial strength to cease working entirely. The ideal point to reach is where you are going to work purely because it is fun, not because it is an economic necessity.

This means achieving financial independence, finding that sweet-spot where you’ve sufficient investment assets to replace the long-term cost of your lifestyle, permanently. This is what we help you to do within our financial planning programmes. It is a journey over many years that starts with the right mapping, followed by regular rechecking and reorientation as events blow us off course.

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The financial planning process

To design your bespoke plan, we will have a chat with you about your present income, expenditure, savings, your assets and liabilities.  You will be dedicated a specific individual from our team, overseen by Eddie Hobbs, who will be your point of contact for the entirety of your relationship with us.

From here we will analyse what you own and what you owe, help you to determine your appetite for risk and compare it against your goals.  We write customised reports, a breath of fresh air in a world drowning in computer-generated boilerplates.

We treat our clients as people whom we get to know, not account numbers in a mass database, served by websites and interminable telephone systems.  When you ring us, you get a person, not a choice of buttons to press.

We provide you with clear communications in plain English and spend time helping you through the detail of planning.  We then stay at your shoulder over the years to come, adjusting and guiding as you request.

You can be confident that we remain at arm’s length to the very wide range of product providers we use to develop solutions.  Acting as the agent of our client is the core principle that guides our work.