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To benefit from this offer and become a client of Hobbs Financial Practice Limited, follow Step 1-3 below. No fees arise and none will apply unless agreed in advance by you. (We have samples of our OUTLOOK reports here to show you how our clients stay informed about the big trends. These are not reheated institutional newsletters and thus are valued by clients).

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List your Investment Products, Stock Portfolio and Pensions (including Self-Administered) by completing & signing the attached Information Authority & Agency Transfer Form on the reverse of which is a format to list items…Don’t forget to list personal insurance covers too. We will use the information you provide to contact your existing providers to obtain full details of your investments and policies and to request that they appoint Hobbs Financial Practice as your agent in respect of the relevant products. We will need Photo IDs and Utility bills as Proof of Address. These can be emailed back or downloaded and posted, whatever suits.

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After we have drilled your product providers for information and, where relevant taken over as agent (life office products) we will send you a schedule. To provide you with financial advice we will require context, so please fill in and return the New Client Questionnaire here. This can be emailed back or downloaded and posted and it can be sent with Step 1 if suits you, either way we will be in touch.

Step 3

With all the relevant information about you and your financial assets we can engage in detailed advice and what needs to be done to improve positioning, reduce riskiness and save on costs where possible. In many cases we think this can be done without incurring fees but if fees are required we will outline why and seek your consent to do further analysis.


  1. You will receive an overarching overview of your financial products and accumulate these into one active advisory location, one no longer scattered, isolated and non-integrated..
  2. You will have access to Eddie’s expertise and flagged about ways we think will improve your positioning, lessen riskiness and lower costs where possible.
  3. You will be kept abreast of economic trends and impacts in Eddie’s OUTLOOKs, we have issued over 50 since the Global Financial Crisis to clients